Memories by Chris Mumford

I stayed at Westward Ho for the first time in the early 1970’s (Ennisfarne House?) which was under the ownership of a Mrs Barclay. I was around 8 years of age and it was the best holiday I ever had in my life. Such a beautiful place, with miles of beautiful beach and views so breathtaking I will never forget them. My sister almost drowned when we were there when a freak wave pulled her off the main ramp on the front (near Mr B’s). I jumped in to save her and 3 ladies jumped in to save me!

I returned to Westward Ho in 2005 and again in 2007 and found it has changed a little. The place where I stayed as a child was sadly demolished in 1998 and a few other buildings have gone although the town still retains it’s character… the putting green is still there after all these years as is the pool that is cut away in the rocks. Most of all though, I am fascinated about Seafield House. I noticed it is creeping ever closer to the eroding cliff edge. Such a shame. I hope somebody can step in to save this fantastic dwelling from impending disaster and protect it from falling into the sea. It is a wonderful house that stands out a mile from the others in the area. Such a pity to see it has deteriorated but the garden is still immaculately kept with a beautiful lawn. Westward Ho! wouldn’t be the same without it. I plan to return again very soon.