Memories by Sylvia Cattrell

Westward Ho! Seems to be a second home for our family. My Grandfather’s parents used to have a caravan down there and my grandfather followed in their footsteps. A lot of people from this area have and still do holiday at the Ho! I have on numerous occasions been sat on the beach and a wiveliscombe local has walked past.

My grandfather’s family used to visit Westward Ho! as a change from the land we are all farmers still hanging on just, and have farmed in this area since early 1700 all within a five? mile radius.

My Grandmothers family (Spearman, Headon, Nancekivell, Goaman) came from Parkham, Buckland Brewer, Hartland, Northam, Bideford area etc.; since the late 1600’s there are still cousins albeit distant in the area.
My Mother remembers when on holiday walking to Abbotsham to visit cousins.

When I visited from school I always felt at home. I was sent to Edgehill in Bideford to school as my mother remarried a civil servant and went abroad. I never realised at the time how close so many of the family were, including at school!

A few times when life has got difficult I have considered moving to Ho! But have never got around to it for some reason or another, maybe it isn’t meant to be. But I have brought my children down to visit when I can. My daughter now 18, loves to visit and intends to bring her daughter down preferably when she can walk. My sons aged 2 and 4 love the beach although they are definitely farmers / engineers. The leaflets are really interesting especially about Seafield House. We have also always called it the Haunted House my daughters says it sends a shiver down her back but I am fascinated by it and feel its a great place to be, in another life it would be my idea of home with cream teas in the garden, actually this life would be good. I have always wondered about the stained glass windows and how they came to be and why. I assume it must be to the stairs and hall. It is such a shame it is so run down,