Notes and Jottings. 


Bideford Gazette May 18 1915


At the Station Hall Westward Ho! on Wednesday evening last.

Leiut Newcombe vice-chairman

chair of Northam Urban District Council presided over a meeting of the residents of Westward Ho! to consider the best means of advertising the attractions of Westward Ho! and District. A discussion followed the chairmans remarks and a committee was appointed to go into the matter.

The chairman was thanked for presiding and Mr H Sowden of the Westward Ho! Railway Company was also thanked for the use of the Station Hall


January 4 1916


Death-  Harris Dec 31st 1915 at Durrant Gardens Northam. Elizabeth Ann Harris widow of the late John Pascoe Harris aged 71 years.


November 20 1917


Miss F M Newcombe daughter of Leiut.Commander R.F.Newcombe has been selected by the Postmaster General for service in France as Telegraphist under the auspices of the Womans Army Auxilary Corps. And left Westward Ho! to take up her appoinmtment yesterday morning.





On 18th February 1896, the Gazette

quotes an article from the Western Morning News on the subject of the railway.  Headed ‘WESTWARD HO! RAILWAY AND HARBOUR’ the article sets out details of the scheme as provided to it by George Taylor the promoter. Other comments regarding the route are made, but the article then continues to discuss the planned harbour works at Westward Ho!  The site was given as to the west of the Nassau Baths, on the Abbotsham side of Westward Ho! and the harbour was to enclose about 1 ½ acres of water.  Clearly major works were planned here for ‘the proposed structure will be of masonry, bedded in the rock, and is estimated to cost from £15,000 to £20,000.  A breakwater bending slightly towards Appledore will be 300 feet long, with a varying thickness of 34 feet at the base to 16 feet at the top, rising by a curve sufficient to break the force of the water. A parapet will be 4 feet high and 2 feet 6 inches in depth.’    The breakwater was to be built into the rock to a depth of 14 feet and be 8 feet above high water.  At half-tide there would be 15 feet of water ‘sufficient to land passengers.’   A jetty - 200 foot long - was to be provided on the Westward Ho! side.  It was calculated that about 20,000 yards of rock would have to be excavated for the harbour and twenty to thirty ton concrete blocks would be used in the construction of the breakwater.  It was planned to construct the blocks on site.  15,000 yards of masonry would be needed for the structure and some 10,000 yards of infill needed between the Quay and the main road, which would be taken from the harbour excavations.  An Act of Parliament was not required for the building of the harbour, and the Board of Trade had apparently sanctioned the construction, provided it did not interfere with the navigation of Bideford bar.  The finished harbour was seen as an added attraction for the resort, and it was hoped that ‘many yachts may be expected to take advantage of its shelter.’   The article concludes that house and hotel building work was apparent at Westward Ho! and that a railway and harbour would greatly stimulate such development.




Bideford Gazette- Jan 4 1949


                       Saturday next 8th January 1949

                       Select Social Dances



      Couple 5/-             Solo Ladies 2/6          Gent 3/-


             Including Free Transport Home.

             Coaches leave Bideford Quay running direct to Ballroom 8.30-9.15


            Music by Bob Mitchell and his Centre Band.

             Bideford Gazette June 16  1950


                             THE LIDO    Westward Ho!

                         Now open daily.

            Inclusive Sunday from 10.30-6.30

            Except Wednesday Club night when it will close to the general   public at 4.30                   



A Survivor of Navarino -

Mr Jonathon Henderson.
Gazette 13/02/1906

There passed away peacefully at Westward Ho! on Tuesday Mr Jonathon Henderson one of the heroes of Navarino-probably the sole survivor of that fierce battle of 1827 which ensured independence of Greece.The deceased ws born at Morice Town near Devonport on October 2 1813 and was therefore in his 93rd year. Short in stature,regular in his habits and genial disposition, deceased retained his faculties to a remarkable degree until within quite a short time of his death and ever took a keen and intelligent interest in naval and coastguard matters.
He entered the navy in 1824 joining His Majesty's ship 'Genoa' as a second class boy,in which ship he served at Navarino.After the battle he was temporarily pensioned rejoining the service in 1829 serving on the South East Coast of America and on the West Indian station until 1835 when he was transferred to the coast-guard service. In 1887 at his own request he was appointed to the coast guard station at Appledore which was subsequently removed to Westward Ho! where he settled on a retirement pension 36 years ago.He took an active part in local Trafalgar Day celebrations and in 1897 ran up Nelson's signal on the mast which tops the Cairn on Bone Hill Northam to the memory of so many of Devon's naval heroes.
A large attendance by the inhabitants of Westward Ho! at the funeral.

(The Coastguard Cottages were situated at Westbourne Terrace)
A Cottage near the promenade leading off Westbourne Terrace was named Navarino after the battle.

J Henderson retired coastguard living at Westbourne Terrace 1896

Born 1814- died Feb 6 1906 aged 92
Wife- Frances Trevartham died March 24 1885

July 4 1939 Film Star Miss Belle Chrystall performs the opening ceremony of the Holiday Centre.

Feb 6 1940 Workers Travel Association take over the management.

June 18 1940
Circus Variety Revue 'Coco' leads entertainment at the Holiday Centre.

Many letters of protest had been written to Northam Town Council from loacal residents and traders when the plans for the camp were first
March 28 1939 in the Bideford Gazette reads as follows:

A unanimous resolution protesting against the proposed holiday camp at Westward Ho! was sent to Northam Urban District Council by the Northam and Westward Ho Chamber of Commerce from their annual meeting held at the workingmens club Northam on Thursday evening the resolution reads as follows: That the Chamber after due consideration views wilh great alarm the suggestion of such a camp at Westward Ho.
Westward Ho is an ideal place for a quiet and restful holiday and is unsuitable for a camp of this description, and went on to say that 'there is an overwhelming majority against the camp in Westward Ho!.
Westward Ho! pays more than a third of the rates to the whole district.
We back your council against the scheme.
Another piece reads Mr S M Barrett stated that he had written to chambers of trade towns where holiday camps had been set up and replies were not favourable to such schemes,
going on to say that the class of people that come to such camps bring a lower element to the promenade and town and keep other visitors away.

(how wrong they were as Top Camp became a very popular place for locals and visitors alike.)




Buckleigh Laundry

Founded in 1893 to serve the large private houses springing up all around the area. Built at the top of Westward Ho! and used natural water from wells dug deep in Buckleigh's cliffs.The original workforce consisted of 3 men 11 woman and 1 horse.
Motor vans were later introduced in 1917.Between the wars Buckleigh employed nearly 150 staff, expanded in the 1920's and a new chimney stack standing 90ft and using 30,000 Marland bricks was built. Miners were employed in the 1920's to sink large boreholes.Water had previously been transported from Appledore by horse and cart.
1994 Buckleigh was destroyed by fire,demolished designed and re-built and now going strong once again.

Bideford Gazette Feb.15 1951
At Westward Ho! in a site adjoining the front putting green and bus terminus and Car parks much advocated additional public conveniences have been erected.

George J Taylor esq of Abbotsham Court is the Chief Landowner. (Kellys Directory of Devonshire 1906

Population in 1901 was 693
Westward Ho! is an entirely modern settlement.
Today Westward Ho! is a sad spectable of what uncontrolled speculative buildings can do with a fine site, many of the buildings are alien to Devon,and most of them could be anywhere else.
The Golf remains superb.

The Pebbleridge is a remarkable natural phenomenon nearly 2 miles long about 50ft wide and 2ft high.

- (Devon- W G Hoskin)

Milsom Lloyds Bank Chambers Bideford.

(during the 2nd world War- Pimpley was the home of Army Officers. The house has been demoilished and now Bungalows built on the site.)

Aug.16 1904
Gymkana at Westward Ho! organised by the North Devon Polo Club and held in the grounds of the Royal Hotel.

Oct 18 1901
One of the carriages forming a train on the Westward Ho! Railway ran off,near the Old Baths on Saturday. The permanent way was torn up and the carriages smashed,but no one was hurt

July 16 1901
Visitors are now flocking to Westward Ho! and nearly all apartments are booked for the present season.Various schools and Societies are holding their treats at this lovely watering place.





1914 April 28th


‘Golfstone’ Westward Ho!

Wed.27 May 1914

Sale of Leasehold Residential Property.

R.Dymond and Son are favoured with instructions to offer at Public Auction on the above mentioned date at 6 p.m precisely (subject to the General Conditions of the Devon and Exeter Law Association and to such special conditions as may then be produce and ready) all the valuable Leasehold Residence known as ‘GOLFSTONE’

Situate at Westward Ho! in the parish of Northam and comprising Conservatory entrance.Large lounge hall,Dining and Drawing room.Cloakroom, eight bedrooms and dressing rooms.Bath(Hot and Cold).Large kitchen ,servants hall, wine cupboard,scullery,coal house ,larder etc.Racquet court, Peach house, Vinery,two greenhouses. Guaranteed drainage.Company water.Gas laid on.

For full particulars and orders to view apply to the auctioneers Mill Street Bideford or to Messrs Bazeley Barnes and Bazeley Solicitors and Notary Public Bideford .





1914 May 5th

To be Sold or Let

With immediate possession all that Freehold detached creeper-clad residence known as ‘AYSHA’Westward Ho!

With Lawns, Fruit and Vegetable gardens and stabling and Coach House at rear

Thereof covering an area of about 2 acre 2 roods 38 perches.

The residence contains spacious dining room,studio, study and dining room all possessing bay windows.Larder kitchen and sculleries, nine principal bedrooms 2 other ditto, bathroom (hot and cold) W.C and Lavatories.

1914 May 5th

‘PIMPLEY’ Northam

Containing Drawing, dining and sitting rooms each possessing bays and kitchen etc. Eight bedrooms, bathroom etc. Enclosed yard with Coach house stables, harness room etc. The whole standing on an area of a.937. ‘PIMPLEY’ pasture land in all a3.279 can be obtained if equired.

For further particulars C P Milsom.Lloyds Bank Chambers Bideford.



May 5 1914


 To be sold or let- with immediate possession all that freehold detached creeper-clad residence know as 'AYSHA' Westward Ho! with Lawns,Fruit and vegetable gardens and stabling, Coach House to rear.
Thereof covering an area about 2acre 2roods 38 perches. The residence contains spacious dining room, and all possessing bay windows, larder kitchen and sculleries, nine principal bedrooms 2 other ditto, bathroom (hot and cold) W.C and Lavatories.

(Aysha has since been demolished and bungalows built on the site- now known as Aysha Gardens.)

1914 May 5

Containing drawing,Dining and Sitting rooms each possessing bays and kitchen etc.Eight bedrooms,bathroom etc.Enclosed yard with Coach House stables,Harness Room etc. The whole area of a.937 'Pimpley' pasture land in all a3.279 can be obtained if required.
For further particulars C P Milsom Lloyds Bank Chambers Bideford.

(during the 2nd world War- Pimpley was the home of Army Officers. The house has been demolished and Bungalows built on the site.)


A Childs View of Ho! 2006

We live in Westward Ho! It is the best place ever. We go to school along the bottom road and it is great. There are lots of things to do in Westward Ho!
We can swim and surf, ride a sand yacht, fly kites, ride horses, play tennis, cricket and golf. There are lot of kids who play golf on Saturdays and some of them are even girls. We can even play bowls if we want but you can’t run on the green. We can join the follies and the Theatre Group at the Kingsley Hall, and we can walk along the coastal footpath but only with our parents. We have 2 Churches in Westward Ho! a Car Repair Garage, 2 Supermarkets, 2 Bread shops, a Butchers shop with great sausages and a Fishing shop 2 Fish and Chip shops, Cafés and Restaurants, a Surf shop, Post Office, Chinese Takeaway, Hairdressers, a Chemist shop some Gift shops and a shop that gets money for you, a Newspaper shop with a place to tie up your dog. We have a shop where you can make a wish and learn computers and things and a lot of pubs where you can watch football and let off fireworks. We have lots of Caravans for visitors and special buildings for visitors and soon there will be lots of other places to live because we have a lot of cranes.
The best shop is the Charity Shop because everything is cheap. My dad says that as long as my mum buys her clothes from the Charity Shop he can sleep easy at night.

We like living in Westward Ho! it is the best place ever.


North Devon Yeomanry

Among the earliest campers at Westward Ho! were the men of the Volunteer Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment who in the summer of 1891 pitched a hundred Bell Tents in a charmingly situated field belonging to Mr Westaway.Military Manoeuvers included evolutions by a cyclist detachment riding 'safety'bikes and at the Sunday Church Parade the Chaplain preached a sermon deploring the bad habits formed by young men.


January 30 1912

A Westward Ho! Proposal
Sir, May I ask you to be good enough to allow me a little space in your valuable paper to draw attention to what I think is an opportunity that ought not to be missed by the Northam Urban district Council, that is the chance of securing the Old Nassau Baths to be sold by auction on 31st inst.
While walking on the cliffs near ‘Merley’ a few days since, I was very much struck by the splendid piece of wall that is being built by the Bideford Appledore and Westward Ho! Railway. I thought what a splendid promenade could be constructed at very little cost if the Council were to purchase the waste land towards ‘Seafield’and the ‘old baths’ and built a similar wall a little further out and arrange seats and small shelters such as there are at other seaside places.

As they already have the foreshore they could continue it towards Westward Ho! and the pebble ridge as time went on. In fact they may some day run out a jetty near ‘Seafield’ where during the summer months at any rate a little bathing could be done. I think there is appointed time and I trust the Council will give upward representation for the present and endeavour to house comfortably the goose that lays the golden eggs. For Westward Ho! is known to thousand by name and I think it ought to be made worth knowing by its looks.
I am Sir
Faithfully yours
Westward Ho! 26 January 1912.


Westward Ho! Nassau House
Excellent boarding house accommodation and Restaurant.- A Gregory.

Royal Hotel Westward Ho!
Under new Management. This old established well situated and fashionable hotel commanding influential patronage.Visitors will find excellent accommodation with strictly moderate charges.Good stabling. R G Court Proprietor.

Torridge House Westward Ho!.
Fashionable boarding house under same management for 37 years private families and golfers accommodated. Opposite the Union Club overlooking and within a few minutes walk of the sea. Terms and application to manageress.

Jan 31 1910

For Sale. With immediate possession the following properties
1.The freehold dwelling house known as ‘’Beacon Lights’’ situate near the station and commanding fine sea views.
2. The large freehold premises and land adjoining known as The Bath Hotel
3. The Large freehold dwelling known as ‘The Villa’’ lately used as a boarding house with the land adjoining,comprising 2 roods 25 perches or thereabouts for particulars apply to J W Smith esq Solicitor Andover or Mr C P Milsom 1 Elmleigh Terrace Clovelly Road Bideford who will show the properties.

Jan 3 1911

Kingsley Gymnasium Westward Ho!
Skating Rink
Open Wednesday and Saturdays 3-6pm and 7-19
Dancing Class Thursday 8-10-30pm
Further particulars of A Gregory Nassau House Westward Ho!

Sept 8 1908

The north west gale was felt with considerable severety at Westward Ho! on Monday night the early hours of Tuesday morning and most of the bathing boxes were blown over on the pebbleridge and many of them badly damaged.

July 21 1908

The famous sands and beaches are being well patronised. Last week they were visited by several hundreds of people from all parts of the country and many school treats were held from the country places

JANUARY 4 1963

Look out at Holiday Centre.
Plan for an observation tower at Westward Ho! Holiday Centre has been recommended for approval by Northam Urban Council

Outline Application for Caravan and Camping sites at Atlantic Way and Golf Links Road for Messrs A P Tucker and Son and E Taylor respectively have been approved although they were at varience with the council decisions.

February 15 1916


Mr A W Cock,F.A.I    Tantons Hotel Wednesday March 1st 1916 at 4pm


Lot 3 The Two Dwelling Houses with gardens to the south thereof known as no’s 5 & 6 Nelson Terrace Westward Ho! together with valuable FIELD of building land to the north thereof.


April 25 1916


Capt .C H Clibborn Indian Army who died of wounds on 10th inst received part of his education at Westward Ho!

He was born 1886



1838 Horse Racing on Northam Burrows- advertised in Journal.

1854 Charles Kingsley comes to live n Bideford, his house later becomes the Stella Maris Convent school( now Flats.)

1855 Westward Ho! Book published

1864 Westward Ho! developed. The Countess of Portsmouth lays the foundation stone of a Hotel.Golf Club founded which makes it the oldest club in England. first match was on November 10th.
At Westward Ho!Mr T Pynsent erects a 'beautiful chinese villa,along with refreshment house with 12 rooms for lodging.
Some 500 'potwallopers and socksmen' of Northam and Appledore turn out to throw pebbles back on to the pebble ridge.

1866 Edward Prince of Wales joins the Golf Club at Westward Ho!
1868 The foundation stone of a new church at Westward Ho! is laid.The total cost is estimated to be £2000

1870 The Northam Burrows and Landing Pier company is established to build a pier at Westward Ho!,it is not finished until 1873 and only lasts seven years.
The new church is opened and the Bishop of Exeter preaches the first sermon.

1870 A start is made on the Bideford and Westward Ho! is not actually finished for another 30 years.

1873 Kingsley Terrace Westward Ho! is to be converted into a school to be called United Services College.Rudyard Kipling is its most famous pupil.

1878 The Pebbleridge at Westward Ho! is breached and 100 acres of the Burrows are inundated. The piles recently put in at a cost of £600 were torn up like so many pipes.

1881 The Pebbleridge is breached and some houses in Westbourne terrace are said to be 'untenantable' due to the constant flooding.

1882 The Kingsley Memorial College is formerly opened by the Earl of Portsmouth.

1888 a new Golf Club is built at Westward Ho! links.

1891 There is a large muster of Volunteers at Westward Ho! and the Royal North Devon Hussars visit Bideford.

1893 The Journal publishes Rudyard Kipling's reminiscences about his school days at Westward Ho!

1894 J H Taylor of Westward Ho! wins the first five British Open Golf Championships.It is announced that a 130 bed 'Golfifarium'hotel is to be built at Westward Ho!

1899 A Polo Club is started in North Devon in August.

1904 The United Services
College leaves Westward Ho! for Harpenden.

1908 The Bideford-Westward Ho! Railway line is extended to Appledore at a cost of £10,000.

1911 2 new Coastguard huts are erected at Clovelly and Westward Ho!

1914 at Ilfracome,Lynton and Westward Ho! 14 German and Austrian waiters and musicians are arrested as enemy aliens.

1917 The Bideford-Westward Ho!-Appledore railway is taken up to be used in France as an ammunition train.

1928 The first stone of the new westward Ho! sea wall is laid.

1938 Kipling Tors at Westward Ho! is taken over by the National Trust as a memorial to Rudyard Kipling who attended school here.

1940 In Bideford 1800 men answer the Prime Ministers call for Local Defence Volunteers,later renamed the Home Guard.Their first weapons are rifles borrowed from a school that had been evacuated to Westward Ho!.

1942 A memorial tablet is dedicated in Holy Trnity Church Westward Ho! commenorating the 141 Old Boys of The United Services College who gave their lives in the First World War.

1955 A woman who called a Westward Ho!holiday camp a'slum' is taken to court and settles after paying £200 in costs.

1956 A plan is announced to build a 'miniature pocket railway'along the old line of the Bideford-Westward Ho! railway.

1962 The Bailey Bridge that crossed the pebbleridge at Westward Ho! is removed by the army.

1973 fire damaged Atlantic Hotel is to be demolished and the site re-developed for a pub,restaurant and 20 holiday chalets.(not proceeded with)

1974 Pebbleridge damaged and pebble filled cages are used to rebuild the ridge.

1978 The Consumer Associaton reckon that Westward Ho! is a 'dreary sprawl'and decrepit.

1988 House in Eastbourne Terrace loses its new roof in a gale.

Plans are announced by Braddicks to build a 200 bed hotel costing 6 million.

1989 Westward Ho! is totally disrupted by extensive sewer pipe laying by SW Water.

Peter Christie- ND Journal Chronology.

1859 Oct.Terrible storm.6 Corpse cast ashore on the sands of Northam Burrows.
1863 Numbers of people from Bideford and other places visited Northam to perambulate the burrows and for sea bathing.Numbers were induced to visit Rocks Nose at the lower end of the Burrows a prospectus having been issued respecting building a commodious Hotel there as well as cottages and villas.

1864 Laying the foundation stone of the Northam Burrows Hotel, the site being contigous to a point of land known as Rocks Nose, and abbutting upon the Pebble Ridge.The Earl and Countess of Portsmouth were present.The countess laid the stone and gave the name of Westward Ho! to the place.

1864 The erection of a villa and a large lodging house will proceed immediately and will be completed at the same time as the Westward Hotel vis at Christmas next.

1864 The Pier. Col.Wheeler proceeded to Rocks Nose for the purpose of finding out the depth of water as to the building of a Pier, so that always pleasure yachts may be able to lay there in safety.
The depth was found to be 15 feet(at low water)just below Rocks Nose,a short way from the Hotel with a clear bottom 100 feet from the shore. Meetings are again talked of to take into consideration the encroachment of the sea.

1864 Nov 17th First Match of the Nth Devon and West of England Golf Club

1866 Two grand amataur fashionable concerts took place at the large Assembly rooms of the Baths of the Westward Ho! Company.

1866 The Grand Tournament in celebration of the Third anniversary of the R.N.D.Golf Club was held on Thursday last.

1867 Feb 28th ( The Rights of Northam Burrows) The leader of the Potwallopers wilfully damaged a bridge on Northam Burrows, leading from the Highway, so as to make it impassable and dangerous for carriages to pass to the pebble ridge.

1867 May 16 The committee appointed some weeks ago to see what improvements they can make in the pasturage of the Burrows, have issued a notice giving a scale of charges for the keeping of cattle on the burrows by the Potwallopers, also a scale of charges for those who wish to drive on the Burrows for a days pleasure. Of course the committee admit that payments are quite voluntary, and cannot be enforced.Carriages are charged 1 shilling and sixpence each.

1867 July 18th on Thursday last a boat from Clovelly landed several gentlemen safely at Westward Ho!(ladies)bathing establishment, and on Saturday a very large French steamer anchored off the Pebble Ridge, put off their boat and landed a passenger safely on the sands where a great number of friends and spectators witnessed it.

1867 Oct 31st New houses at Westward Ho! a contract has been just concluded for the erection of twelve semi-detached villas on the slopes facing the Bay at Northam Burrows.

1867 Nov 14th At the Court of Queens Bench Westminster the appeal in regard to a supposed right claimed by Potwallopers was dismissed.

1867 During Sunday night when the gale was at its worst the wind blowing from the North, a French schooner the 'Jeunne Adeline' ladened with barley was driven ashore on the rocks between Greencliff and Portledge.Early in the morning Mr Gosset the receiver of the wreck arrived he found the poor fellows wet to the skin and in a very exhausted state.He immediately took steps to get refreshment and shelter at a neighbouring farmhouse.

1868 Jan 23rd. A committee was appointed to inspect the road leadng from Holywell to the Westward Ho! Hotel.

1868 Jan 23 For those who like rock-ranging there is a long extent where they may roam and bathe.There are also bathing pools provided by the Westward Ho! Company
and a bath house for Hot and Cold bathing.An improvement much wanted at the North East end of the Burrows is a strong bank from Graysands Hill to the Hills or nearer Appledore.

1868 the proposed church. the Rev.I H Gosset writes; the estimate for the Church is £1,960. the Rev edward Dansey, vicar of Abbotsham has liberally offered to give stones for the erection from his quarry. On Thursday last, the first stone of the Church was laid by the Rev E Dansey Dean Rural of Hartland.

1870 at the new watering place several large semi-detached villas recently erected by Mr Wilmot have been disposed of.

1870 Mar 24th the Church in course of erection for the past eighteen months in this fashionable and rapidly rising watering place, was opened by the Bishop of Exeter. Mr Oliver of Barnstaple is the architect, the carving work being executed by Mr H Hems of Exeter.

1870 April 14th resignation of Rev.Isaac Henry gosset, vicar of Northam.

1870 June 30th The Pier. the construction of the promenade pier at Westward Ho! has commenced Mr Inman C.S is the resident engineer.

1870 The Post Master general has authorised of a Post Office at Westward Ho!.Miss Manley who has taken one of the new shops will shortly open the office.

1872 July 4th All previous attempts to build a promenade pier failed owing to the fury of the winter storms which washed the framework away. mr J Abbot of Bideford who has undertaken the completion of the iron Pier has commenced the work and hopes to complete it during the present season.

1864 Feb 5th the Company congratulated the directors in their effort for the past year, on the actual completion of the Pier by Messrs W & J Abbot of Bideford. The shortened Pier (500ft) in accordance with the amended plan.

Bideford and North Devon Horse Dog donkey and Channel Island Cattle Show since its establishment in 1869 till the present year 1874,its meetings have always been held at Westward Ho!

1874 Sept 9th United Services College opened.

1875 Sept.9th The new Club House is rapidly rising. it has been completed by the 10 April under heavy fine,and unless the weather is unusually against the work, it will be finished well within the time.
The swimming events(at the Nassau Baths) to be competed for on Saturday Sept. 11th at half past three p.m will include the sailors and shipwrights of Barnstaple, Bideford and Appledore. the splendid diving of Sanders of Northam has been eclipsed by another diver.

1875 Sept.23 There has been an extraordinary catch of mackerel in the large bathing cove which had been dug out of the rocks, and used by the ladies prior to the opening of the Nassau Baths.

1875 Sept 10 A third scheme is now on foot to constructng a new line of railway to Westward Ho! from Bideford

1878 Feb 28th to the westward of the Baths(ladies) and up to the Nassau Baths near the Pier a new ridge of pebbles has been formed within the last two years. The weak part of the Ridge is at the new Golf Club House, a handsome building which recently cost£2000 in erection,and which is built on the lower level, and almost close to the sea. For several months past men have been employed in driving long piles with the twofold object of breaking the force of the sea and retaining the pebbles, and a sum of £5-600 has thus been expended. The promenade opposite the Ladies Baths has almost been entirely washed away.

1879 Feb 2nd the Pebble ridge driven back about 70ft.In front of the Club House where the piles have been lately placed, a large mass of stones had collected these the sea washed out, crried across the roadway and dashed them against the Club House, causing considerable alarm to the inmates,who with all possible speed, left the building for a more secure retreat. It is feared that unless previously removed the Club House will be swept away by the next tide.
1879 The Club House having been several times surrounded by the spent waves which used to leap over the piles and pebbles in front was at last undermined, the sea laying bare some dozen ft of a loose looking concrete foundation.

1897 sept. Mr Taylor the well known railway contractor has offered a sum probably be accepted for the whole of the shares of the Westward Ho! Villa Company.

1879 Oct 23rd One of the first improvements to be carried out at Westward Ho! is the construction of a short sea wall from the Ladies Bath House.this is needed to save from destruction a portion of the low land and Lower Lodge.

1880 Feb 19th The new Club House has just been opened.

1880 The Pier. The late severe weather has been disastrous to the Westwar Ho! pier.Two more of the iron supporting legs gave way some time ago, and last week two or more were broken off. The planking of the upper part is so rotten that it can hardly hold together much longer. The storms have taken away a good deal more of the field between the Ladies Bath and lower Lodge. the latter is now abandoned.So much water came over the Burrows that there is ample room for canoes to sail freely about over them.

1880 May 20th It has been decided to remove the Pier, which has become dangerous as well as unsightly.(The seats of the Pier were afterwards placed in front of Kingsley College,a number of them adorne the Westward Ho! Park in front of the railway station).

1880 July 29th The Annual Bideford and Westward Ho! Horse Show will be held on Aug 2nd, the band of the Bideford Volunteers will be in attendance.
During the storms of sunday and Monday at least 100tons of the embankment between the Baths and the Pebble Ridge Terrace were swept away.

1880 Sept23rd. A gale from the North West has been blowing for several days past, driving the sea over the pebble ridge, and doing considerable damage to the embankment and roadway leading to the Bath Hotel,more than 200 tons of earth were washed down.

1880 Dec.30th Mr Molesworth purchased Kingsley house and terrace, and was about to convert them into a College.

from- Items of History by

 Inkerman Rogers F.G.S Dec.1926-papers given to the History group by Mrs Joyce Jaggard.


 Extracts from Gazette         


April 12   1881  Horse and Cart belonging to Mr Way fell over quarry 70ft deep, no injuries or damage.

6 May 1890  auction of Lot 1   Gentlemans residence

       2   House


         3 Cottage and Garden        4 Farm with 4 acres                  

      Property of the late

          Arthur Lloyd.                          

July  1890 Auction by Le Hutchings of a residence known as ‘Stone Lodge’ plus Fieldsland


13 May 1884 Auction sale by R Dymond at Royal Hotel Westward Ho! Of Freehold residences of Lieutenant  E N Hodges known as Underborough and Two Fields.


Sept.7 1897 freehold properties    lot 4 -Stables and Coach House opposite 2 Eastbourne Terrace occupied by Mr Prouse, Tenant.

NB- property withdrawn  Sep 28.


1882 -  Tourism   letter from a reader praising the ‘paradise of the west of England’ especially Westward Ho!


March 21 1882  Royalty- anouncement or expectation of visit of Duke of Edinburgh to Westward Ho!


Prop/Sale/Auction/House  16 Feb 1904.Pebbleridge Villa   Westward Ho!



Westward Ho! Boy to sing in the Abbey

Master Brian Reece son of Mr & Mrs Basil Reeece of Link House Westward  Ho! Is to be one of the choristers to sing in Westminster Abbey at the Coronation of Their Majesties the King and Queen.

Master Reece is a member of the choir of St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle, and also sang at the Jubilee of King George V. and also at his funeral.