Summary of the buildings

Upper Lodge

Carriages halted here whilst being fitted with extra brakes to descend the steep hill

The United Services College

Opened in 1874
Rudyard Kipling attended here 1878-82
1904 – the College transferred to Windsor

The Priory

Home of Revd. Isaac Gosset – founder member of Golf Club, and building of Trinity Church
Now flats

Kingsley College

Originally two terraces joined with addition of the central steep-roofed building 1882-1885 for Sons of Noblemen and Gentlemen.
Now Flats.


1865 Guest House
Now flats.

Torridge House

Built as a Sanatorium now known as Kingsley Court.
During WW2 it was the HQ for Combined Operations Experimental Department.


c1865 built for one of the founder members of the Golf Club (Hutchinson)
Now know as Culledon House Hotel

Holy Trinity Church

March 1870

The Westward Ho! Hotel Stables

Included a ‘tap room’ for the grooms and coach drivers.
Converted and now known as The Rocks

Westward Ho! Hotel – Royal Hotel / Golden Bay Hotel

Opened 1865 described as a ‘Victorian Domestic Gothic Style’
33 bedrooms
Re-named the Royal Hotel in 1867 following the patronage of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII)
Converted to flats early 1960’s
Building demolished January 2000
Rebuilt and now known as Ocean Park

The Villa

Built as an annexe to the Westward Ho! Hotel 1864-65
Became a school in 1905 – The Teighmore Prep School moving here from Ilfracombe
Now Golden Bay Court

The Union Club

Built 1875-76 on what is now the beach
Removed to its present location in Atlantic way 1879-80 following rapid erosion
Please note the fine plasterwork above the door
Now known as Atlantic Flats  

Seafield House

Built about 1885 for a banker from Ireland Brinsley deCourcey Nixon
1950 the house was sold and became a well loved B&B establishment

Link House

1881/82 by a devotee of the game of Golf
1967 property demolished to make way for flats
1985 second phase completed

Cleveland Terrace

A block of seven houses originally the Kingsley College a boys public school
Note the remains of the school plaques on some of the gates
Livery stables opposite now known as Bracken House.

Youngaton Farm

Claimed to be one of the oldest parts of Westward Ho!, with parts of the building dating from 1750. This building was the only one in what is known as the centre of Westward Ho!, prior to The Northam Burrows Hotel and Villa Co. building in the resort. Early deeds (1865) record that it was called ‘Eastern Youngaton otherwise Underborough and Western Youngaton and then for many years held together and consolidated into one and which include certain premises called Swaines Tenement and containing 75 acres or thereabouts’.
Later known as The Grenville and now The Village Inn

Kingsley Hall

1882 as a Gymnasium for the Kingsley Memorial College
Used by the boys from Highgate School who were evacuated here during WW2
Late 1930’s Miss Butterfield started a private school for 4-11 year olds
Now the Village Hall.

Baptist Church



Purpose built later a garage – Nelson Garage
Demolished and now houses – Nelson Mews

Nelson Terrace

Built in 1865/6 in two halves originally as a row of Victorian Shops with a wrought iron Veranda running the length of the façade.

Westward Ho! Railway

Opened 1901
Closed March 1917
On what is now the Latitude 51 development and the Blue and Green restaurant.
Previously the Buccaneer (demolished 2010) this was  station entertainments hall.
The railway station later became the Bus station.

Bath Hotel

1866 Ladies Baths. With sea water pumped by steam engine
Now demolished and Horizon View apartments

Nassau Baths

Built as a pool for the pupils of the Inited Services College
Later known as Patio pool / Lido
Demolished in 2002
Now rebuilt with luxury apartments on the site and called Nassau Court

The Pier

Work began in 1870 Atlantic storms wrecked it
Shortened pier built mid 1870’s
This too did not stand up to the Atlantic storms and was dismantled 1880
Stumps of the supporting legs can still be seen at low tide (near THE PIER HOUSE, previously Braddicks Elizabethan)

Lower Lodge

This building also built on what is now the beach and moved to its present location in 1879
Later a B&B guest house for many years, now a private home.

Springfield Terrace

A row of small cottage’s 1881/2
Some were shops

Westbourne Terrace

Originally built as Coastguard Cottages c 1880

Navarino Cottage

Called after the battle of Navarino (1827) by  Mr Jonathon Henderson one of the heroes of the battle. Serving as 2nd class boy on the Genoa.

Beacon Lights / Nelson Inn

Built 1881 as a Gentlemen’s Residence
Demolished 2006
Now Hamilton Court

Ferndale / The Ship Inn

Now Ferndale again
Built 1872 as a Gentleman’s Residence